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    i'm sorry if this has already been posted, i've tried to find an answer in the threads but I haven't.
    this is probably a stupid question, but I'm going to ask anyways...
    if your treo doesn't have a wifi card, how do you connect to the internet on it? I've been researching data plans from Rogers (in Canada) but from what I've read on here, some people don't use data plans. Do they just not use the internet/email on their treos?

    If I were to buy a 680 and use the internet without a data plan would they just charge me a certain rate per megabyte or something along those lines?

    Thanks again
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    That depends on the provider. I have T-Mobile but no data plan, but I can go online anyway by dialing up to my Earthlink account in the same way I dial up using my PC. It's slow (9.6k), but adequate for e-mail and light (or patient) web browsing. It's billed as normal voice minutes (actually, it's a "data/fax call" but it comes out of my regular minute bucket) and on weekends, it's free.

    I couldn't use GPRS without a data plan, though. I'd need at least "T-Mobile Web" for $5.99/month and with that, I'd need to use a proxy server for http browsing.
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