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    There are not too many Treo's on the GSM side of the fence!!
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    I have been on the GSM side since the 650 was released. I do not think I would ever switch to anything else and this is why, I have a Treo 650 on Cingular of my own and I a,sl have a Treo 650 on Sprint from work. I usually wind up using my phone because in the Sacramento area, the service seems to be TERRIABLE!! I do not understand that, they are both HUGE players in the game and you would think Sprint would be able to stay up to bat.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Personally I really don't care who else uses a treo. The more in use the merrier (more software developed, palm makes more money and develops better products).

    How much of your use of this phone is based on the 'cool factor' and how much is based out of your technological needs?
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    so many treos...
    so few software fixes to make any of them work well
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    I'm glad that there are more Treos out there to choose from. I think the Treo 680 looks great and that a lot of people will buy it for the price and the choice in colors. Too bad I just recently upgraded to a Treo 650. Oh well, in 2more years, there will hopefully be many more Treos to choose from! But... if I decide I want it bad enough, I'll try to fork out the money for an unlocked 680 when they become available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pump142 View Post
    so many treos...
    so few software fixes to make any of them work well
    Bah, I'd rather have hardware fixes to make them work well. The software isn't as much of a problem. Look at all the people that have gone through 3 or more replacements of the same model Treo...
    Treo 180 > Treo 600 > ?? Treo 680 ??

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    BRING ON THE TREO's......

    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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