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    My goofy wife (we're divorcing) is sending text messages to her boyfriend and I'd like to see what exactly she been sending. Is there anyway I can get this info? I do not have her phone but I do pay the bill. Cingular says they have no way of providing this. Has anyone ever tried to obtain the text of text messages by court order? What were you able to get? Thanks!
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    Short answer - no.
    Suggestion - stop paying the bill.
    Longer Answer - Stop caring. Unless you live in something other than a no-fault divorce state, having access to the text messages wouldn't do you a damn bit of good. There's nothing illegal about infidelity.
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    Well, actually in most states infidelity IS a cause for divorce, but it is next to impossible to prove. You would need HARD proof, like pictures of them ACTUALLY HAVING SEX. Not even pictures of them coming out of a hotel room half dressed and with messy hair is enough to prove infidelity. BTDT

    Your lawyer can subpoena all of the info they have, including text messages is they are backed up on a server, which I doubt they are....but u can try.
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    Scott Peterson showed us that the phone companies do archive the text messages. However unless she murders you I doubt that your lawyer can subponea them.

    You buy her a cell phone and she shags someone else. How rude.
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    port her # to a new phone, and start sending bunk messages to her bf, saying things like; 'last night was wonderful, don't you agree?' or 'I think my husband is on to us, what should we do?'
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