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    I finally just got my 700p (opted out of Nextel via that text message loophole). I went with Verizon and have to say I'm glad I went back with them, atleast in my area. I love the phone and have to say it is very easy to use. I was a bit scared going to a phone like the Treo and really f'in it up. So far my email is set up (gmail-fastmail-phone). I am no IT junkie and have no idea what half of you are talkin about, but I'll figure it out. :lol:

    Any important tips or free application recommendations are always welcomed.
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    Read your manual. Read the "stickies" at the top of each forum, especially in the 700p, applications, and multimedia forums. Stick with the stock software and applications for a little while and learn those. It has a lot of capabilities and your goal should be to get the most out of it. Some people just use it for a phone and basic pim stuff. Pull down the menus, look at the preferences in each application and see what you can do.
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    Congras. Get profiles for turning ringtone on and off automatically.

    Get google map. Now you are all set.
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    Welcome. You can do quite a bit with your new Treo. If there's something you're interested in, a search of these forums generally will find it for you.
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    I just got my 700p and right away I put on Volumecare, Lightwav, Agendus,and Snappermail. I love this phone it works great.
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    Here's a question for all. Does the extended battery give you THAT much more talk/use time? I've found two, one of which sounds bogus.

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