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    I have a Palm based Treo 600 which has served me well for years. Its primary function is to maintain my contact list (1400) and my appointment calendar in sync with my desktop. Recently the speaker quality has begun to fall. Along with the inability to use bluetooth which I have always wanted, I think it may be time to change. Here is where I need some help and opinions.

    I currently use ACT! 6.0 which no longer has support available. The new Sage version of ACT 9.0 is HUGE. It takes forever to open on my computer compared to any other program. Years ago the primary reason I went to ACT and ACT for Palm because Outlook would not allow you to add custom fields which could also be created and synced with the Treo.

    #1. Is this still the case?
    #2. If Outlook will allow this, which would be a better choice, a new Palm based unit or a Windows based unit.

    I know that asking this is like asking what flavor of ice cream is best, but I really would like some thoughts.


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