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    Hey, I am getting ready to go to work, but really want to know if there are any carriers who give any type of rebates or discounts on Treo 700p's in you turn in a Treo 650's to them. I would research it at work, but they block Cingular, Sprint, etc Web access.

    Just in case it matters, my carrier is Cingular, my phone was *originally* Cingular, but I purchased it on EBay as an unlocked phone.

    Ok, off to work. Btw, I will do research tonight when I get home, but wanted to get started as quickly as possible, hence this post requesting info.

    Thank You,
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    im just getting started with my treo 700wx for sprint. does anyone know the link to the vision homepage? on my old phone it would go right to it when i started the web, but i havent been able to figure out the url to it.

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