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    The 680 is finally out but what I really want is a PDA phone/preferred Palm OS/mp3 player/video player(must have a decent screen size). Does such a creature exist? If not palm OS, then another. I have never really used a QWERTY on a pda(large hands) but I can't understand why most have QWERTY when the palm script is so easy to learn. I would think it is faster/easier to write with a stylus then to use QWERTY? I just hate having to carry around the extra weight for the keyboard when that space/weight/screen space could be used for other purposes?

    Will TREO ever do a slide phone where the keyboard is hidden at least?

    Please let me know your thoughts on why you think QWERTY is better(would like to hear from those who actually enjoy using a stylus but were converted) I know with qwerty you don't have to worry about losing your stylus but a ink pen with the cartridge retracted works nicely when that happens.

    Personally, when the handspring came out...I thought palm was going to make that a phone/pda eventually.

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    try out samsung
    they have solid WM5 devices and some of them are without qwerty boards, using normal phone look
    The Sony Ericsson M600 is without a full qwerty, but with a 2-letter-per-key-board and a touch screen. still nice.
    The soney ericsson I have, the P990, has both a qwerty and a normal phone side (via a flip that hides the qwerty board)
    HTC (or imate, or whatever its called where you are) have released both a bar look & a clam shell look based phone with WM5. No qwerty

    look at them all in
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    You could look at something like the Samsung SPH-I500 Palm Flip phone, but its a little older (2003) and discontinued. The last PalmOS flip phone Samsung offered was the SCH-i550 but it was not offered in the US. It's too bad because the specs are pretty nice.
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    once you have used a device with a keyboard, you will NEVER go back to graphiti.
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    Stroths, I think the SPH-i500 was offered for quite some time in the US, running OS4 etc. It was the vaporware SGH-i500 with OS5 + 300mhz etc specs that was promised but never came to fruition in the USA. The SGH-i539(I think) actually made market in Asia, after being tested with a controlled group at the Olympics. SCH was not Palm OS, I don't think.

    From the looks of this thread, we still wait on the 800g!
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    Sure, tons of Nokia phone they claim are "smartphone" are like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lyndon_h View Post
    once you have used a device with a keyboard, you will NEVER go back to graphiti.
    I'm wrestling with an SDA right now. The lack of the keyboard was the whole point -- get something small and smart. And it's killing me. I'm going to go get the Dash on the 25th.

    oalvarez on other threads is saying that Suretype on the Blackberry Pearl works just fine. I haven't tried it.

    But I'm a QWERTY believer.
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    I'm a convert - I used graffitti for years before the Treo came out. I had to install grafitti on my 650 for the first few months after I got it, but no matter who you talk to, you can't use a stylus 1 handed. I ditched graffiti, & I'm not sorry.

    That said, check here , here or here for PalmOS PDA phone's without QWERTY keyboard + with touchscreen.

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