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    continuing in my research ways. i receive thousands of emails a day (they're actually bloomberg messages that are forwarded to my inbox) but i don't usually have to respond to them, they are informative in nature. having said that, why do so many on this board (mainly palm os owners) place such emphasis on 3rd party email programs (chatter, versa)? is the email program that palm offers that terrible? wm5/smartphone users don't seem to have this kind of need. do WM users prefer 3rd party programs as well or does outlook suffice?
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    As far as the Palm OS, yes, the one that Palm offers pales in comparison to 3rd party apps. They have made some improvements but it is still not very good, IMO. It really depends on how important e-mail is to you. Assuming it is, you should check out some of the other offerings such as Chatter.
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    thanks....i actually gave up on Palm os back during the t600 days. have used WM/WM smartphone up to now, all with goodlink (currently using a Pearl on a BES). it surprises me (well, maybe it doesn't) how Palm has never been able to create an email program that works. it's becoming more clear why Palm followers love their Palm devices. one big reason could be because of the money they have invested in the programs that they own. from what i have gathered, wm users seem to be less 3rd party program dependant.

    thanks for the reply.
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    This posting is kinda funny, in that even Palm has forsaken their native email program for Versamail - in most respects Palm has outsourced their email client entirely. Its not important - the current implementation of Versamail is fine for most people who don't want or need push email. This iteration of Versamail is a dramatic improvement over the version that came bundled with the 650.
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    Versamail is still buggy. That's why. Especially if you have more than a few messages in your folders.
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    Keefer, Versamail is now the native Palm email program....
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    I think there's MORE & BETTER support from 3rd party email developers(ex. Marc from Chatter). Plus I believe they just seem to work better, at least for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dang View Post
    Keefer, Versamail is now the native Palm email program....
    Figuratively yes, literally no. There is still an application on every Treo and Palm device called "Mail" that stands alone from Versamail...
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    Not on my unlocked GSM 650....

    Anyway, back in the old days Palm had a small basic Mail app, called Mail, that only synced with the desktop. Several other Mail apps existed, one of them called MultiMail. Palm aquired MultiMail, and renamed it to VersaMail. Since version 3.5 it is called "eMail".


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