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    I'm looking for advice as to how to achieve my phone-procurement goals without breaking the bank on phone procurement or signing up for too-expensive plans.

    Currently my wife is on Cingular with a junky phone and I'm on Sprint with a Treo 650, which I've had for about a year. She's not currently under contract and I have a window of opportunity to get out of my Sprint plan through the end of October (otherwise I have to wait another year). Unfortunately Sprint requires that I actually depart, not just cancel my contract over the phone. So I need to make a move by October 28th or so, and would like to merge into a family plan.

    I'd be happy with a Treo 650,680 or 700p, and am happy to retain or resell my Sprint 650. I'd like to get my wife a small (3-4oz) phone which is capable of acting as a GPS, using a Bluetooth GPS that I already own. But the catch is that I don't want to sign her up for a data plan. The other thing is that the only small+Bluetooth GPS-capable phones that I know of here in the US are the T-Mobile SDA, Cingular 2125, and the Motorola Q.

    Sprint's $15 data plan is by far the most reasonable (Cingular & Verizon both charge $40 as far as I can tell). Also only Sprint and T-Mobile will let me
    buy a data-capable phone without signing up for a data plan.

    Possibilities include taking an expensive non-data phone such as a RAZR as my subsidized phone and then resell that on Ebay while buying something like a Cingular 2125 secondhand.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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    Here is what I did. I don't gaurantee it will work for you but it works for a lot of people.

    I sold my GSM 650 for about $230. I then went to ebay and order the 700p from seller 'sprintnetwork'. The phone was 70 but I asked for a discount and he gave me one. You must use their 60/month plan for the first month (including 1 month free of power vision) but after you receive the first bill you can call back and switch to any two year plan you want. I did the switch and applied my 25% corporate discount at the same time.

    BTW both times I talked to real sprint rep they offer to gove me the $10/m power vision price (before discont) I didn't even have to ask.

    Other detail I got from other posters: you can't switch to a sero plan within 6 months and number porting must be done the first time you talk to the sprintnetwork guys.

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