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    Can anyone explain without going into real gory technical details why Palm OS can support EVDO (3G for CDMA) but not UMTS (3G for GSM)?
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    multitasking is the issue from my understanding. EVDO and voice cannot run at the same time. UMTS is voice and data at the same time.
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    Does this mean POS will have problems when EVDO rev a come along?

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    There was some news that there might be a UMTS treo, from late August, that mentions the multitasking issue:

    Next Palm OS Treo May Have 3G After All

    But also, it links to a forum topic that has an insider that has some good information about it, here:

    Quote Originally Posted by fishera: 9/15/2006
    have a tiny bit of updated information.

    Palm is considering several names for the device which some include the following:
    Treo 750p (Palm OS 750 model)
    Treo 750c (Cingular 750 model, similar the 750v for Vodafone)
    Treo 750 (Plain 750 series with GSM and Palm OS like the 650 was)

    Also it will be launching in late October or Early November of this year. Sorry no HSPDA but 3GSM and UMTS!

    Palm OS 5.4.9 is still planned. Wifi will NOT be working as a driver for the Palm wifi card for two reasons.

    The brand new Treo 750(whatever) will be using the brand new 750v design which means it will be using a miniSD. Apparently Palm is transfering memory card solutions worldwide.

    Resolution of screen has not changed, but the button layout has. It appears that it is a combination of the 750v and 700p series button configurations at the moment.

    No T-Mobile plans for this model. ZERO, so don't even ask anymore. TZones might not work because of the 3GSM and UMTS.

    Bluetooth 1.2 will come inside of it along with 128MB of memory (60MB usable, same as the 700p)

    Thats what I know at the moment, so I could clear up some rumors and speculation.
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