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    How would a total computer programming noob get involved in developing a program for the palm OS, that could be used on the Treo and other palm models? I'm willing to put in the time to develop such software, which would ultimately be a fairly simple program (I think). Are there any helper applications that take the code-work out of it, or anything like that? Or you just have to do barebones work (in C right)?
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    I'm learning myself. You really need to have a computer language ( C, C++, Java, etc ) first that you are familar with, then learn program the palm using that language.

    "Instant Palm OS Applications" is an older book, but very good. You can get it used for a couple of dollars online. It is the easiest of the books I've been through to get you up and started. You might try playing around with it, the tools are free and downloadable so you don't have to spend money to try.
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    Check out PDA Toolbox. (Forum located at Great tool, easy for beginners, good support forum, and you can add on libraries as you need them.

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