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    I bought my 1st Treo (700p) 2 weeks ago and am lucky I did, its my only connection to the outside world today with this huge thunder snow storm that hit Buffalo overnight.
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    Yeesh! 2 feet?! Wow, it's gonna be a long winter for you folks. Stay warm, and stay safe.
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    One more reason why I love Atlanta!

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    It will come in useful in these situations often.
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    snowed in?? it is in 70's here in los angeles! world's apart but only states away...
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    I hear that, I am up in the Sacramento area and it was in the 70's here yesterday. I would love to have that much snow here.
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    Plus it gives you something to fool around with until you can go out again... heh.
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    What I'd give for 2 feet of snow right now...I love the stuff, can't ever get enough of it! But yeah, that's some great timing, nothing like having a new toy to play with, and one that allow outside connectivity at that!

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