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    There was a day when I was in love with my Treo. Ah the memories. Now it's beginning to look like a bad break up. Over the past couple weeks I have gotten and increasing number of resets, and I haven't added any new programs in months. It used to be a reset maybe once a week. Recently it's been once a day. Yesterday I went to dial my gf from speeddial, scrolled down to her name and hit select...RESET! Today, took my Treo out of its case, hit the power button, nothing, hit it again, nothing, hit it again, third time's a charm, oh wait FROZEN ON PHONE SCREEN, had to do a soft reset. It's just getting old, I expect more from a $300-$400 phone.

    Besides with all the "Is Palm OS Dead" articles floating around, it looks like windows is the way to go, either that of Nokia's Symbian E62, which after looking at today at Cingular, is pretty bad a**. The thing that concerns me with the E62 is the lack of programs and compatibility for Symbian versus Windows Mobile.

    So what do you all think? As of now it is looking like either the Nokia E62 (possibly?) or the Samsung SPH-i600/607/Blackjack (awesome!). However, Cingular has no idea on a release date for it, typical.

    Well, it looks like it's back to my trusty Moto v551 for now before I accidentily throw my Treo out the window someday on purpose.

    PS- Does anyone know of an AIM client (like Toccer) or a program like Directory Assistant that is for Symbian OS?

    Thanks for listening.
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    I am with you on losing love for the Treo. Although I can't/couldn't switch to Win Mobile. It just drives me crazy every time I touch it.

    The Nokia E 62 is nice. But I still find it a bit bulky. The new Blackberry Pearl is nice (this is my current new smartphone and I am quite happy). If you MUST have full Qwerty there are some nice models coming out from RIM in the near future. Head over to Engadet Mobile and search for pics of the 8800. Looks quite promising.
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    Treo and WM5 is an awesome combination. After 5 years on a POS treo I made the switch and love it.

    /happy 700wx user

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