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    A little background first... I was looking for a new Treo for use at work and did not feel like paying for a new one out right nor was my contact expiring allowing me to get one discounted so my only option left was Ebay. Found a Treo700w that seemed like it was what I was looking for, bid ($350), won. Recieved it a few days later. Now the user claimed it to be lightly used... but failed to mention the speaker didnt work and it was also missing screws; which I assume were lost when he tried to fix the speaker. So basically I tried contacting the user for a refund and he ignored it. Ebay/Paypal refunded me upto the max that they would for a fraudulant sale, which happened to be 200$ in my case. So I was kinda left with a crappy used treo700w for 150$. A little research later and I found Palm does out of warrenty repairs/exchanges for about 169$. 2 days later got my brand new treo700w (phone only, no retail packaging, no battery). Me = Happy!

    So basically this is a help to those who got screwed in a transaction, broke their phone, or are looking to get a new phone.
    New Phone:
    1. Buy broken phone (I reccomend not one thats completely in pieces... Ones with broken buttons and or system problems should be fine) (100-250$)
    2. Contact Palm, exchange broken phone (169$) Here
    3. New phone

    *I do not gaurentee that this will work but it seems like it should. Feel free to ask any questions.
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    You probably can save more money by buying a good Treo on ebay.
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    $150 + $169 + time + business risk = I'd rather buy on Amazon or

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