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    Q1: Does activating the Easter egg affect Treos' stability? Anybody notice any effects before/ after activation? I know that the answer could well be, "It should'nt affect stability." but with PalmOS, one never knows.

    Q2: How was it discovered in the first place? Did somebody go over every location of every PalmOS screen drawing anti-clockwise eggs? Did somebody from Palm "leak" the details? Are there any clues to be found anywhere?

    Q3: Why waste effort over something that has absolutely no utility? Especially on a device that has such limited resources?
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    Easter eggs are a fact of life with most programs and operating systems.
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    Q1 - no noticible impact on stability
    Q2 - peeps with 2 much time on their hands. It was discovered on some of the original palms. Do a google search, you'll find a lot of historical info.
    Q3 - original palm programers had 2 much time on their hands...
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    See this thread for further details on the function of the elusive Taxi:

    It's mostly a side effect of ingestion of lysergic acid diethylamide. But can be reproduced with this little app:
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    Taxi . . . . .

    What is funny . . . . it took 6 months for my first sighting. . . . now the bug rolls thru weekly. . . . . .

    Was Herbie #52 or #54?

    Anyway -- post 5454.

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