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    If I used Google Maps with the palm wireless card will it use my phone networks broadband to get data (costing me money) or will it use the local area network im connected too. And is there anyway to disable the Verizon mobil broadband data service so I dont accidentally use it? Thanks.
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    The short answer to your question is no, the Treo won't access your WiFi network, it accesses Google Maps over Verizon broadband. You need to get an unlimited data plan so you don't care - owning a Treo on a limited data plan is a HUGE risk, especially with the 700p having EVDO (you can/will shoot by your meager data allowance in just a few minutes with NO WARNING).
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    Then whats the point to having a WiFi card...?
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    I have found no reason for a WiFi card in my situation, though I do have a wireless home network with one desktop and four laptops. Ben
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    A WiFi card won't work on Palm OS Treos.
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    There is no reason to hesitate downloading Google Maps. Wow. I am in total thrall with it. Goodbye K-Maps. Wait until you go for step by step directions using satellite imagery, then get live traffic data. Incredible. My office mate's jaw dropped to the floor when I showed what it could do. Using LudusP I have now made Google maps a featured program with the send button. Must have!

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