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    I just dumped my Treo 650 for the new Blackberry Pearl. Size was certainly one of the determining factors.

    I gave up a full size keyboard for a hybrid suretype. Way better than T9 and I must say I have been pleasantly surprised that I can enter text as easily and quickly as my Treo.

    A year ago I would not have been caught dead with a Blackberry. But the new form factor and extra features in the Pearl really won me over. It syncs with my outlook - I get push e-mail and the camera is much better.

    It also has a lot more "phone" features that I had forgotten about over the past few years of being a Treo owner. The voicedialing is nice and it's built in. I didn't have to pay another $25 for it.

    It came with a car charger and stereo headset that works for the phone or the mp3 player. Again, things I had to pay extra for on the Treo.

    I became very unsatisfied with Palm's lack of innovation on the form factor and really longed to have a phone that just slipped in my pocket again.

    I certainly feel (or at least felt) your pain.
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    I like the Pearl, but I coudn't go smaller than the pearl...that is where I draw the line.
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    I like my 700p the way it is. If they can't get smaller than the 680 even with a puny battery, leave it alone. The only thing they might be able to improve is to lower the height. The extra space above the screen could be reduced somewhat I guess.
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    Day 3 of my SDA. It's OK. I'm now seeing the benefits of my Treo more clearly -- the capabilities I take for granted. Inevitably those require some bulk. I am not willing to toss all of those capabilities overboard.

    I think I'm going to end up a two-phone person. I'll have a smaller Smartphone like the SDA and a larger one, prolly the 750 when it comes out unlocked.

    EDIT (later): F'ing SDA sits in my office "searching" for a signal. SIM swaps out to Treo. Bang. Signal. Me like dial tone. Me no like no dial tone. SDA no get dial tone. (Aristotelian logic follows). Ergo, me no likey SDA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrfaris View Post
    .... and once I get the short antenna...
    Is there a new antenna for the Treo??
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