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    This used phone looks amazing condition wise but the connection kinda stinks. I just recieved it today and connected it as well. So far I can access the web with no problem but when im on the phone, I lose service and then the call drops. I seem to have 3 bars or better before making or recieving calls and then 1 bar or none when im on the phone. Im new here as you can see and electronics isnt my thing so if someone can help me out that would great. I was thinking of reseting the phone, is that a good idea? Just looking to get better service if thats possible. Thanks for your help in advance.
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    Did I post my thread in the right place?
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    Congrats! Yes do a hard re-set before you add any of YOUR apps/info, to make sure its bug free. Good Luck!
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    Thanks for the info. I'll do that right now
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    You could have old firmware and prl information. Depending on provider you may have updates available. in the phone screen go to menu - phone info and look at the software version number. Do a search here, or at the Palm website and you'll find the latest firmware number and how to upgrade.

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