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    I know on the 650 that you could set that you only wanted your Treo to automatically sync with your email(s) only outside of the work day (ie, when i am usually at my desk and am getting my emails at my desktop).

    I can't find/figure out how to do this on this model or OS. can anyone give me a hand with that?

    thanks, Jeff
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    There are a couple ways to do this. If you are syncing with an exchange server you can set it to sync during peak times that you define, and not sync during off peak times, that you also define. 2nd option is Phone alarm, you can set up a night profile and in that profile turn off push email, and then choose what times you want that profile to activate. If you aren't using exchange than I don't really know of a way to turn it off other than manually going in and changing your email sync from automatic to manual everytime.

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