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    I've had a phone with Wifi, a Nokia E61, for about three weeks now so I thought I'd post something about it usefulness. It's major advantages for me are:

    1) It's really quite a lot quicker than the alternatives. My home Wifi network connects to the rest of the world via a 4 Gb cable and the iMac and MacBook regularly max out the connection (i.e. downloads at ~500 kB/s). I've never seen the E61 hit this theoretical maximum but it generally downloads files at 200-300 kB/s. This is really much better than I get with UMTS (theoretical max 48 kB/s, but I've only rarely seen > 35 kB/s) or with GPRS (theoretical max 6 kB/s I think, but I rarely see more than 4 kB/s). So with my home Wifi the E61 is about 10x faster than with 3G and getting on for 100x faster than with GPRS. This makes a big difference when downloading big files and also makes web browsing and using email quite bit more pleasant.

    2) Availability. Jack I'm sure your statistics about coverage percentages are quite right but the fact is that the tiny fraction of the globe covered by my home Wifi network includes my house. As it happens the house is right on the edge of T-Mobile 3G coverage, and in practice this means I don't get UMTS downstairs. I rather like the fact that I can sit on the sofa and connect to the world at relatively high speed, especially as the people to computer ratio (excluding smartphones) is usually 2:1 and using the E61 means I'm not fighting one of the kids for access. It's a similar story when I'm at work - most of the site is covered by the Wifi network but 3G coverage is non-existant. Since I'm mostly in my office or if I'm not I have the laptop with me anyway then this is somewhat less of an 'availability advantage' for the E61 but...

    3) Convenience. Continuing with the theme of my work usage, yes I do often have the laptop with me when I'm not in the the office, and yes there are other networked machines I could log on to and use when I don't, but really if all I want to do is check and read an email (or twenty) it's quicker and much more convenient to use the E61. Not mission-critical differences perhaps, but a saving of a few minutes a week.

    What I'm not worried about:

    1) Battery life. Perhaps because I generally don't have the Wifi on for very long (rarely more than an hour a day), I've not noticed any significant battery hit. The E61 has great battery life!

    2) Size. The E61 is smaller and lighter than the Treo I had before.

    Conclusion. The way I see it, the more connection possibilities the better at least until 3G becomes ubiquitous and preferably faster too (I read somewhere that HSDPA is capable of 14 Gb/s - that should do it ) Sure, Wifi will probably never have the coverage of the mobile phone networks but because the user has much more control over where it is deployed (see my home and work examples above) and because of the (current) speed advantage I think it has a role, at least in the short term. It certainly does for me.
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    Where I hear the Nokias fall down is the PIM functionality in terms of which fields get synced, category support etc. The phone side may be cool, but the PIM function needs to be there too. Odd considering the Psion heritage.
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    just a quick question.
    i read about how you guys said that WiFi isn't supported on the treo because Telco providers won't want consumers to use a Free data connection when we can purchase their data plans.

    then why do other phones like the SE, and DOPOD all have Wifi's ??
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    I'm surprised no one ever posted the real reason why non of the POS Treo's don't have wifi. Simply put, it's because PalmOS is not capable of handing a device that has a cellular radio and a wifi radio at the same time (lack of multitasking). It has nothing to do with the carriers (I'm quite sure all the major carriers have at least one device with wifi built in), and nothing to do with licensing (that's the strangest and funniest one I've heard yet).

    Of course, the WM Treos's (700w, 700wx, and 750) are perfectly capable of handing wifi (because they can multitask), it's just not built in.

    On the topic, I think PalmOS is dead. Is the next gen OS for the Treo going to be a new version of PalmOS or ALP? If it's PalmOS, then you could say that PalmOS will live on to make many geeks happy. But if it's ALP or something else, then you could say that the adoption of a different OS (rather than the upgrading of the older, original OS) is in effect killing (for the most part) the Palm OS.

    I think PalmOS is dead because there's really no where for it to go. It doesn't support any of the major GSM 3G technologies (hence why the 680 still runs on EDGE :thumbsdown: ), it doesn't support multitasking (hence why it doesn't support any of the major GSM 3G technologies or wifi), and there's not much they can really add to it in order to keep up with the competition.
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