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    A friend turned on his Sprint Treo 700p phone in India was able to "connect" to their wireless CDMA network. His phone rang for incoming calls. However, he never answered nor did he try to make an outgoing call.

    I've the same phone plan as him (it's a common phone plan provided by our company). I took my Sprint Treo 650 and my phone was on an endless network search mode therefore unable to "connect". I had digital roaming enabled under the Phone Preferences menu.

    What would be the difference? Please let me know if there are any ideas on this.

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    Folks - anyone that can help with this?
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    India has CDMA operators. But were you standing in the same spot where your friend was standing? I'm just thinking that the CDMA operators might not have the whole country of India blanketed the way that Sprint (more or less) blankets the US.

    I blame geography. No coverage where you were, but coverage existed where your friend was.

    Or the wind was blowing the wrong way.

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