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    When I'm using an application, and the power-saver kicks in,
    how do I get back to the application fast? I thought at one time
    hitting the space bar would bring the screen back on, and you'd
    be back in the same place -- not at the entry screen or anything.
    This is very annoying to have to keep hitting something to keep
    the screen up, and wastes power, too.

    Any ideas?

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    Just press the power button (the red 'end call' one).
    Alternatively you can install one of the freeware utilities available to keep your Treo 'always on'.
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    Thanks for the reply, but it doesn't work. Should it? Have I
    inadvertently installed something on my Treo that screws it
    up? Whenever the Treo powers down, hitting that button
    brings up my initial call screen again. Makes multi-tasking
    rather frustrating.

    I just want the thing to come out of power-down timeout
    mode bu simply going back to whatever it was doing.

    Anyone know of any applications or hacks that are known
    to screw this up?

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    You sure you're hitting the RED button?
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    Green one should take you to the phone app, but the red one should take you back to where you left off.
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