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    Okay, anyone just see the Colbert Report (for October 5 2006)? He had a segment where he was having a "Text message chat with Senator Foley". He handily whipped out what appeared to be a silver (sprint) treo 650.

    But it wasn't enough to just use it as a prop, after he "typed" his message and "hit send", he got an error sound from the Treo. Good play, next he sat it down, count to 5 for dramatic pause and... he receives a text message, the alarm sound chimes.

    Good stuff!

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    That's what I call truthiness! Daily Show is still on out here, so I'll check out Colbert in a few.
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    *Treo Fan*

    That was a cute sketch. Although it was a short "Better Know A District" segment, Stephen showed his true stripes when he gently & lovingly kissed his 650 before sending the text to Foley.

    Anyone else see the love?
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