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    Mods, as always, feel free to move this if you think it belongs somewhere else...

    Ok. Need some feedback on a beta version of the new edition of wapSwap. We've kept the search function but have now also categorized and alphabetized the mobile sites. This is a complete rewrite of the site and is still in its infancy, so a lot of the sites listed in the previous database have not been introduced yet, but its well on its way.

    We think that you will find the new site is much faster and more user friendly. This new site also works on almost all modern regular cell phones, so it is that much more useful.

    I would love feedback on it. Any takers? .

    Thanks in advance guys and gals.
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    Not a bad allternative to the palm portal or .tc. I would lose the "windows mobile media" link because its so outdated as to be virtually useless. You're missing a few good travel links too (like flight checker). I also don't like the huge-ness of the icon at the top - its too big for mobile screens.
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    tnx. that graphic is going to be replaced (i agree). we have thousands of sites to be added over from the old database, so no worries there. just wanted to get some preliminary comments/criticisms.
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