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    Hello everyone!

    There are many callerid apps out there, plus the built in functionality in our phones already.

    What I am missing is a way to SEE information about the caller other than their name and number (and photo).

    Let's say I talk to someone and they tell me they will call be back later on about some specific topic. I would love to have the name of that topic or some blurb about the current status of that topic be displayed the next time they call.

    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to answer the phone and say:

    "Hi there, is your Mother ok? When we talked last, you had to get off the phone quickly to take her to the hospital, what ended up being wrong?"


    "Hi there, did you decide you were interested in blah blah blah?"


    "Hello, I went ahead and ordered such and such and it should be here on Wednesday. Is that what you were calling about?"

    I just would love to have some mechanism to enable these kinds of facts. If you only talk to 30 people on a regular basis, something like this wouldn't be needed. But if you have hundreds or thousands of people you converse with, and some of them contact you very infrequently, this kindof thing would be a true Godsend!

    Anyone know of such an app?


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    Callfilter allows you to make notes at the end of the phone call. It works well on the 600. Ben
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    Lightwav does to, callnotes.
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    It would be cool to have "call notes" or even the Contact's notes show up when a call is received or during a call.

    Too bad I'm not a Palm developer...

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