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    I have recently switched companies and my I.T. guy at the new company is telling me he doesn't know how to link my phone to the work server. At my old company, I had it synching to the Exchange server every 2 minutes I think, and would get contacts, email, calendar, etc. all synched from my phone to the server and vice-versa. I have grown dependent on this and need help so I can get it set up again at the new company.

    What are the things I need to tell my I.T. guy that I need in order to set this up? Is there a Good 800# that I can call or have him call for them to make sure everything is set up correctly for us to do this? Any/all help will be appreciated.
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    The good news is most Treos do this very well (at least from 650 on), and setup on Treo itself is easy. But ... to have (sort of) secure mail, your company needs to have (or go purchase) and SSL certifcate for this. There is also a little (not much) setup in Exchange to allow active sync / mobile connections and rights for user accounts to use mobile services. A good starting point for the Exchange side of it I reckon is two very good Microsofter blog sites:

    Jason Langridge's Mr. Mobile (which will have good links to presentations and docs on how to do this)


    Eileen Brown's web log (on Exchange, Messaging etc)

    and here's one useful MS Exchange / ActiveSync FAQ with some good starting out info:

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