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    i am seriously considering moving from a treo 650 to the 750v. I love the idea of 3G and multitasking. I dont care much for the Palm OS as it seems everything you can do on POS you can do on WM5. BUT my BIGGEST concern is that I LOVE THE TREO 650 SCREEN RESOLUTION! Seems to me that no device out there beats it, especially for watching movies.

    Can anyone comment on what the 700W screen is really like when compared to the 650? Anyone gone from a 650 to the 700W and watches movies? is 240x240 as good or good enough?
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    I recently made the switch from the 650 to the 700wx. It's taken me a little time to get used to WM5, but after about a week I'd never go back to POS. The screen, however, is a drawback. Not nearly as good as the 650. Most of the time it not much of an issue, but when screen real estate is a must (i.e. - excel spreadsheets, web browsing) you'll notice a difference. Bottom line for mehowever is that the increased utility of WM5 overwhelms the loss of screen resolution.

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