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    I've recently switched my computer e-mail app to MS Outlook, and decided to have my T650 sync to outlook as well. After the pain in the neck process of uninstalling and reinstalling the palm software so it would sync to Outlook (WHY is that so difficult?!), I've got it all set up... mostly. The thing I can't figure out is how to make the categories on the palm and on the Outlook calendar match up. Is there any way of doing this? Right now when I input a new calendar entry on Outlook, it shows up without category on the palm. Everything on my palm is organized by category, so this is totally unacceptable. Is there a way, or am I going to have to take the high road back to the Palm Desktop? Thanks!
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    I never figured out how to do this with the built in contacts on PalmOS. It pissed me off too - they need to fix that. I ended up purchasing DataViz's Beyond Contacts. It is well worth the purchase price. It is a much more powerful contact, task, calendar, and notes application than the built in one in PalmOS. I highly recommend it. It has the look and feel of Outlook and does support categories. I never had any issues with it. Here is the link:
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    I gave Datavis a shot, but honestly I found the program to be a little cheap in its feel, and gave it up pretty quickly. Anyway, it ultimately didn't fix my problem.

    What DID fix the problem, after a bit more searching, was the following: set Automatic Formatting in Outlook, so that Outlook gives each category a specific color label. That way, you can match the categories on the Treo with the ones on Outlook, and set color labels in Outlook. The labels won't necessarily match those on the treo, but close enough. More importantly, the categories are consistent between each!
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    My firm just switched over from GroupWise to Outlook.
    I tried synchronizing my hundreds of contacts from my Treo600 to Outlook and none are showing a category in Outlook. Very frustrating.
    I am glad I tested this on myself instead of immediately rolling it out to the partners of my firm.
    Seems like it would be a simple thing to copy the categories from a Treo to Outlook (in my non-programmer eyes), but I'll be damned if I'm going to go through Outlook and re-categorize everything.

    Still searching for a "built-in" solution, but if I can't find one, I'm recommending we all stick with the Palm Desktop software.
    Too bad - I was looking forward to having everything in one place.
    (Maybe I'll have to look at the 700w?? Maybe Windows makes it all sync up better??)
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    Categorizing in outlook is pretty easy. You can change the category of hundreds of contacts at the same time, using the organize feature. I recommend beyond contacts by dataviz. If you don't want to re-categorize things in outlook, you should consider one of the tools that copy from the palm desktop to outlook. I don't have any experience doing this though. I can't remember the name of the software either. Hopefully someone else will post a couple of solutions for doing that. Again, categorizing in outlook is very easy.
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    Does anyone know how to sync multiple calendars from outlook to the 700w? I have separate calendars for different things but I can only see my default calendar on my phone?

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