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    I am just curious how often members might backup their devices? I use Resco and have scheduled backups every 8 hours.
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    It backs up automatically whenever it needs to.
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    Never. Well, only through hotsync. I tend to do most data entry via my PC, so there's not a lot normally that I could lose just from the phone. (I'd better touch wood with my rabbit's foot now I suppose! )
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    RescoBackup every morning. Hotsync about every 2-3 days.
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    Backupman ever night at 10:40, hotsync several times a day and I back up my SD card with Media Card Companion (came with my card reader) once a week.
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    BackupMan each morning at 3 am. hotsync 3-4/week.
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    Sprite backup once a week, and sync' with outlook about every couple of days
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzo View Post

    It backs up automatically whenever it needs to.
    Pretty cooll.
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    Hotsync a few times a day and NVBackup every morning at 2:53 am. What can i say i like odd numbers.
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    Full Resco Backup nightly when in bed... then during a Hotsync during the day.
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    -after hard reset, reinstall all compatible & tested softwares, re-enter all registration codes (like norton ghost )

    -also before i do install something new...
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    Quote Originally Posted by truoc444 View Post
    Hotsync a few times a day and NVBackup every morning at 2:53 am. What can i say i like odd numbers.
    Lol...I never mentioned it prior, but along with scheduled backups with Resco I hotsync about twice a week.
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    Sync once or twice a day and resco every morning at 4:01 am. GOt a new Treo today, speaker went out on the old one and Put the card in and pushed restore and I was back up in 5 minutes. Gotta love it!
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    Nightly at 9pm using BackupBuddy
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    I also use Northglide's On Guard/Restore and consider it to be a very valuable utility, probably the most important one I have. I use it in conjunction with Uninstall Manager to backup PIM - UM is required when using a third party PIM management application such as Datebook 5/6.

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    BackupbuddyPro every morning 3am, every 3 day's, & BackupbuddyWindows everyday
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    I backup up once a month. Religiously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keefer Lucas View Post
    Does that involve incense?
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    Daily with RescoBackup. Try to do a hotsync during the day. Can never have too many backups.
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    Frequent syns on both a PDA and an 8125. Also scheduled backup once a week. And always just prior to installing any new application.
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