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    Has anyone tried this application. I would love to hear some feedback.
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    Yeah we had a thread earlier. It's completely broken.
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    I disagree. I'm running iSkoot without significant problems so far on my Sprint Treo 650.

    The only glitch that I've encountered so far is that it can't be installed on the SD card ... it truly must run from RAM (and produces bizarre behavior when run from an SD card). But that's not so bad because the memory "footprint" is only 150K ... much smaller than installing Java, for example.

    I had tried "EQO" previously and was disappointed. So far iSkoot seems good, but I haven't tested very extensively yet.
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    I was willing to try it but when I click T-Mobile as your service provider, it only allows device maker as either Motorola or Blackberry.
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    Try minowireless.

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