Hello Everyone.
I searched the forums trying to find out if anyone had posted this already and found nothing. I have a Treo 650, and I'm using mRing 3.3.3 to assign MP3 ringtones for individual callers. Most of the time, it works fine, but from time to time, I'll get a call from someone I have as a contact (MP3 assigned), but instead of the MP3 I've assigned, one of the default ringtones plays.

Other times, when there is an incoming call, the Treo will reboot. I believe that both these issues are related to each other, and specifically are related to mRing 3.3.3.

1. Has anyone else out there experienced this problem?
2. Can anyone point in the right direction if I'm off track?
3. Has anyone had issues like this with the other products like Ringo Pro?

Thank you in advance.