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    Memory Cards
    I searched for this topic in the forum but didn't find anything (probably just missed it!). Anyway, I'm looking for recommendations regarding expansion cards. I notice quite a big price difference among brands for the same size cards, even at the treo|central store. Any advice on how to choose the best?

    Extended Battery
    Is the "extended battery" for the Treo 700w worth purchasing? My OEM battery life STINKS (although I have read the tips and tricks in this forum on making it better).

    Finally, Program Conflicts
    I have been hearing great things about PocketBreeze, iLauncher, SBSH Clock and PocketWeather and am wondering if there are any compatibility issues with these programs and my 700w (WM 5.0) that is also running Good Mobile Messaging v4.9.1.46_EN ( The folks at SBSH said they didn't think so, but weren't 100% sure. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    (The Good Mobile Messaging is a required install by my employer so I can get work emails on my Treo, but I hate the interface. If the PocketBreeze were an option, I would upgrade immediately.)

    Thanks in advance.

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