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    I have a very near, dear, and well-kept Sprint 650 that I love with all my heart. I've been flirting, however, with the idea of the younger, sexier 700p. In your opinions, if it came to selling the 650, what would be most likely to "sweeten the deal" enough to buy a 700p with the proceedings? (And the unspoken followup: Any takers? ;D)
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    Well, I suppose by simple logic it would be safe to say that selling your used 650 will never be able to cover the cost of a new 700 entirely. But you could sell the accessories that you have, this way you'd be able to pull down 250-300 max.

    Another option, as difficult as it may be, is to find someone who didn't like their 700w and wants something more stable than a 700p. Then you'd just have to covert the device to a Verizon phone, and trade for the 700w. Then see if you can sell the 700w at a decent price. It seems kind of sketchy, but not entirely impossible...

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