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    I am a bit worried that my 650 will die soon (keyboard problems, extra thread).

    I am now looking into some of the options I have, but would need some advise from the crowd...

    Option 1 - get another 650 (but is it worth the investment) ?
    The 700p does not seem to be in reach as it is not (?) sold in Europe, so that does not seem to be an option.

    So, then the 750v has been announced, but that one runs Windows mobile. I have made some investments into software that I would need to continue to function - in particular:

    - Splash ID. Is there A WM version ? Data migration ?
    - TinySheet. Well, I guess that Excel will do the job.
    - TomTom Navigator. Any chance for migrating my license ?

    In addition, does the 750 synch with the Palm Desktop or would I need to use MS Exchange ? How about data migration (contacts, memos and ll the other stuff) from Palm to WM ?

    Many thanks for hints, Jurgen
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    If you buy the stand alone box version of TomTom, you should be able to install on a WM phone. About contacts, you probably need to sync 650 with outlook (not outlook express) first.

    The PalmOS version of Treo should come out early 07.
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    Yeah, WM5 lets you sync with any PIM you want so long as it's Microsoft Outlook. :-)
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    And there is a (very nice) WM version of SplashID - not sure about data import, bu really imagine it would include that feature ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by driven01 View Post
    Yeah, WM5 lets you sync with any PIM you want so long as it's Microsoft Outlook. :-)
    lol...that just like when Henry Ford starting making cars. You could have any color car you wanted as long as it was black.
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