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    So my T600 is on its last legs, and I can hardly make or complete a call when on battery power. I'm sure its probably the battery (2 years old) but I don't have the time or inclination to replace it, or make arrangements to get it replaced, especially given that the hold thing is held together with duct tape and tin foil at this stage anyway.

    I'm just trying to hold out for the Cingular or unlocked availability of the 750, but I can't be without a fully functional phone. I looked around a bit for a refurbished T600 as a stopgap, but the prices being asked for those are, for my purposes, too high. I don't want to spend over > $100 on anything right now since I know I'm probably going to have to plunk down $500 or more for my 750, maybe in a little as a month. And I don't want to sign a new contract with anybody, since I'm off contract now, and will probably look to sign a new contract to get a discount on my 750. But with no certain 750 release date known, I must have a working phone until then, and I will just use my 600 like a Palm VIIx.

    So the question is, where, if anywhere, can I buy a SUPERCHEAP (< $50) unlocked GSM phone just to get me through the next couple of months?
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    If its just the battery, it doesn't take much time at all to replace, just remove 6 screws with a T6 screwdriver, pull off the battery cable, and attach the new battery (although supposedly some phones have the battery cable soldered on.)
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    Have you searched eBay for a simple unlocked GSM phone? I just did and came up with almost 800 results under $50. Given, they aren't as nice as a Treo, but they will hold you over for a few months.
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    FWIW, t-mobile has some free phones (GSM), and they only require a 1 year contract, and their get-out of jail option is pretty cheap too. They do complete voice plans for about $25/mo (30 after taxes). Alternatively get a virgin mobile pay-as-you-go phone for a couple months (Cingular does these too I think).
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    I am in the same boat, I am also on cingular, on TC you can pick one up for $59. but you need to sign a 2 yr contract and the termination is 179. and that will prorate I think this is better than ebay or what others have been asking, and who is buying these unlocked phones for over $300.00
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    If you want a used Treo 600, they are really cheap on ebay. If you just want the cheapest GSM phone. Get Nokia 1100, it's 40 shipped, new!

    I got one for my mom, the screen is black and white but battery last forever.

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