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    We all spend alot of time talking about the next Treo, the next firmware upgrade, what Palm should and shouldn't do. You know what I am curious about? When Verizon will extend EVDO coverage into my location. I am in Portland, Maine - EVDO extends almost to Portsmouth, radiating out of the Boston/495 beltway. I wish that Verizon would post some notice about how long it will be before third-tier cities get EVDO. Will it be six months? A year? More than a year? I am often frusterated by all the strings in TreoCentral that in some way relate to EVDO - I want mine NOW!

    I do have to say that when I have had the EVDO coverage in Boston and NYC that - while it was faster - it didn't blow me away, as the rendering speed of the processor in the Treo 700p seems to be as much a limiting factor as download speed.
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    I am in North Weswtern NY. 50 miles from the nearest city and I have EVDO. I do lose it sometimes when I really get into the sticks, but my EVDO has been pretty good. It gets iffy near the Canadian border too.
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    Answer - today! We got EVDO coverage in Portland, Maine. Its like an early Christmas gift from Verizon. I looked down at my phone earlier today and noticed...that the orange light wasn't coming on when I was fetching data...then I saw the telltale green EV box. Hooray! Quick, someone give me something I can STREAM!
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    My local vzw told me it was not a matter of money, it was a matter of manpower.

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