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    I've recently finished work on a page which allows Palm users to view Google Video on the go through their internet connection. The page is basically a wraper which allows you to get the videos on your device simply and easily.

    I am planning on creating a domain for the page as well as releasing the URL to the general public within a week or so. However, in the mean time I'd like to invite some palm users to try out the site and tell me what you think.

    Some info/limitations:

    1. It only works with downloadable videos. If the video is only avaliable in Flash format, it won't work.

    2. Currently. you must download the video as an AVI or MP4 file and play it after it is downloaded. It is designed to work with MMplayer, to allow progressive streamed downloads. However, MMplayer requires a patch for this to work properly. The developers of MMplayer tell me that the patch will go public shortly.

    3. You will need an MP4 or AVI/Divx video player, such as MMplayer or TCPMP. MMPlayer is payware, and TCPMP is free, but TCPMP does not support any kind http streaming. Hence, the focus on MMPlayer.

    4. There are some formating and layout errors that crop up from time to time. I'm working on it.

    I am planning on relasing the URL and posting the page to it's own domain as soon as the MMplayer patch is avaliable, allowing realtime streaming/progressive downloading

    So you want the URL? Well...

    Just sign my petition for a full SWF (that replays beyond version 5) player for palm and I'll give it to you

    However, since it is a petition and I do not want to taint the results by implying that the signatures are not genuine. I will offer you a second option. If you do not want to sign the petition, please PM me with a compelling reason why you do not want Flash Player on the Palm platform.

    Also...if I give you the URL, please don't go posting it all over the place. For two reasons. 1. The page is still in need of polishing 2. The current hosting account may run out of bandwidth
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    Sorry... But it has come to my attention that petitiononline no longer puts up the e-mail addresses of those who sign the petition, due to spam problems. My plan was to e-mail those who signed the petition, but since I do not have a way of contacting them, short of redoing the petition, I will have to ask that you PM me or e-mail me at if you signed.

    Sorry for any inconvience...
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    This is working great, on both players...thanks.
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    I signed the partition for your effort.

    I don't really need the video downloader. Plus I don't have mmplayer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    I signed the partition for your effort.

    I don't really need the video downloader. Plus I don't have mmplayer.

    You don't actually need MMPlayer. MMplayer will work for progressive downloading, so you can watch the videos before they are completely downloaded. Any other player that can do divx/avi or h264/MP4 files will work as well.

    In reality, MMPlayer does not work yet for progressive downloading because the URL generated by the page is really huge, because google passes a lot of information through the URL, such as the DOCID, the start point, format ect.

    MMPlayer currently does not accept url's this long, so it would require some sort of proxy or remaping. However, I've talked to the developer of MMplayer (Magnus) and he is working to get this fixed. He tells me that he already has the problem solved with the new version of MMplayer and is working on getting it packaged to put out to the public. We are hoping for this to be avaliable very shortly. It's really just a simple problem of a variable overflow, it would seem.

    Of course, if you do not have a 700p or a wifi connection, streaming will be, at best, a little off. This is because many of the videos have just too high a bitrate to do so.

    In this case, you'll be looking at downloading the video first. If you are using a 650 with a regular connection, then this may be a bit slow for some of the larger videos. Unfortionately, there's not much I can do about that.... It's the nature of the beast. Just the same, the connection of the 650 is more than suffecient for grabbing some of the shorter or lower quality videos.


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