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    I was just wondering what do treo user use there treo mostly for . I am a fostermom and i taken care of sick babies and i mostly user my for doctor appointment and phone call .
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    I do not know how I would be able to function without my Treo 650. It keeps me organized and sane.

    --Calendar first and foremost -- always in sync with my office server over the air, regular comparisons (and beaming of stuff back and forth) with my wife's Treo 650. Work, three kids in school/soccer/music/etc. Gotta keep it straight.

    --Keeping in contact second -- email (lots of it), text (trying to train the people I work with that text messages are an efficient way of dealing with things), calls.

    --Web. Lunchtime -- a few moments with the lightweight TC and /. sites.

    --Contact list -- gotta have this so I can call/text/email people as needed.

    --Task list -- I'm still trying to bring this under control. Over 400 items on here at the moment and the only way to keep it sane is to use special filters and views in Outlook. Unfortunately the PalmOS Task list is puke-useless. I mean it won't even sort alphabetically by subject. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. One of the reasons I'm interested in transitioning to a Windows Mobile device is to get better control over this.

    --Memo pad -- it's where I store all deep information. This I started to use efficiently via David Allen's "Getting Things Done" methodology.

    --SplashID -- can I tell you have absolutely useful it is to have all of my secret information in one place? All of those username/password pairs. All of the web logins. My kids' social security numbers aren't in the contact database anymore.

    --Adarian's Expense program keeps records of all of my business travel expenses.

    --Games -- RIP. Took them ALL off the Treo today. Both Treos actually -- my wife's and mine. It turned out I was burning hours of time playing Tetris and when I wasn't the kids (ages 9, 7, 5) wanted to play games on the Treos. Not good for the health of the Treos!

    --Aspiration -- MP3's, movies. But I am not going to be on the Palm platform long enough to spend the time and money doing this.

    I will convert to WM5 as soon as a plausible GSM converged device appears. (Make no mistake, however--if Chatter's Exchange Plugin came along I would by preference stick with the Palm OS). It might be the Excalibur which is rumored to be hitting T-Mobile in October. It might be the 750 if I can wait that long. It might be the TyTN, although I have no great love for sliding keyboards.
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    same here, i think i suffer from A.D.D and i forget everything, everytime i have to do something i write it down as an appointment so i can remember to doit, and of course my email cant live without the email on the go, with Chatter and Imap it doesnt get better than that, and txt messaging, since i work 2 jobs i hardly have time to really be on the phone yapping away so i txt most of the time, i average out about 4100 txts a month
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    contact management
    having emails on the road is invaluable
    I keep my checkbook up to date via pocketquicken
    I keep track of my workouts on it
    I listen to MP3s while I workout with it
    Things to do (with alarms!)
    Notepad for random thoughts
    Keep pictures of my son on it like I would a traditional wallet
    Games! nothing like a good game of solitaire while in the john or before bed.
    I read books on it while my fiance sleeps and the lights are off
    Keep up to date of game scores I am interested in via "OnDemand"

    dunno Im so entrenched in it it would be very hard to live without it anymore!!!
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    Projects (Memo)
    iPhone 4S
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    I use mine mostly for reference material. You just can't carry a drug book along with a medical encyclopedia everyday to work and school. And these types of reference materials don't update themselves daily, but programs on my wx do. Treatments and drug info change constantly. And if there is needed info that hasent made it to Skyscape or Unbound Medicine I can always find it on one of the approved medical sites quickly with Pocket Internet Explorer.

    That of course is just the tip of the iceberg:

    Calendar: refresh my memory quickly anytime.

    Listpro: shopping list, todo list. I don't want to carry a pen and notepad in my pocket 12 hours a day.

    SPB Finance: Way more convenient than carrying a checkbook registry.

    TCPMP: Way better than FM radio.

    PocketLingo: 300,000 defined words, acronyms, abbreviations, idiom and thesaurus.

    Chronos: The best way to start the day. Wake up slowly to any audio file you choose. Define the the duration of play, number of times repeated, duration between audible intervals, duration at which volume can increase and length of snooze time. WAY better than an annoying alarm clock. Way better than carrying the yellow pages with you or calling directory assistance.

    Spell check: Hopefully keeps me from looking like an *****.

    And of course email. More convenient than voice calls. Cheaper and more feature rich than text messages.

    Last but not least its a portal to the world.
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    Mine are used primarily for work. The 700w strictly for work. My wife uses her 650 for work and the kids play with the 600.

    The 700p starts the the work day at 4AM by downloading QuickNews stuff, I normally wake up before MobileClock goes off at 4:45 AM, at 5:30 am 4Cast is updated. ChatterEmail comes on at 5:45AM. Work starts at around 6AM. I glance at 2Day to take a gander at what is planned for the day, then check 4Cast for local weather, then a quick glance at QuickNews. On occasion I also look at MyTreo for news.

    Throughout the day I use HanDBase to capture information including what/where/when and details of those events. ChatterEmail is used for corporate and personal email throughout the day - heavy usage within the company of email. Datebook 6 is used to keep track of appointments and to-dos. SMS (default app & Group Messaging) is used to maintain contact with those who do not have email capability).

    I have used kMaps a few times for those places I am unfamiliar with or as a quick reminder. I use DA (Directory Assistant) for phone number/address information. I use Genius and its plug-ins for quick answers and lookups. I use Documents to Go to look at email attachments (Word and Excel) and to also send Excel based reports from the field and that blows away lots of people). The camera application to take pictures of displays.

    Of course there are the "support" applications such as ZLauncher, OnGuard, TakePhone, Butler and many others.

    At the end of the day I do an email report based on my HanDBase entries, review email on the laptop received on the Treo before final deletions, backup the Treo via Bluetooth and BackupBuddy.

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    Personal information management - SplashID - This is such invaluable tool to have because it keeps track of everything. I record all my logins, bank accounts, Chat usernames, email addresses, utility account numbers, collections, I could go on - really, I could!

    Keeping in contact - Phone - I use this soley to reach people. Even before I got my Treo, I dumped my landline simply because it didn't make sense for people to call me at home when I was never there. Having my friends or whoever call me at my cell number just makes more sense, after all, they want to talk with me, not my house.

    Tasks - perhaps not one of the more praised standard apps, but I love it! I keep myself on top of bills with this thing, whether its re-occuring monthly, quarterly or annually! If I hear of some things that will be releasing soon in regards to consumer purchases - set a task reminder - "ITEM X is released today - Buy it!", or even just the common place To-Do's - "Change seating online for flight in X months."

    Those are perhaps my big three, but seriously, the Treo is amazing - it's the external storage space for a lot of the important stuff that just can't stay in head. All my friends love me for remembering them on their birthday (Thank you calendar w/ reminder & alarm function!), event planning and scheduling, portable hard drive space, directory assistance when I'm on the go or just looking up the number for a local restaurant, flight schedules when I'm really on the go, email anywhere, music too - especially with a casette tape adapter in my tape deck when I'm on the road. Web access, games, pictures, movies, I store recipes, record messages, read books - Let me put it like this, If I were Robocop, I'd ditch the gun and recondition my leg to hold the Treo. Feel free to quote me on that!
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    The question is not what I use my treo for, but what don't I use it for.

    I turn on my tv, edit websites, manage sales people, email, watch movies, contacts, calendar, track stocks, balance checkbook, etc.

    I have yet to find something I can't do. I used to say, I could do everything but open my garage door, then I met someone who could with his treo.
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    i'm a single woman. I use my treo to keep track of my calorie intake with diet diary and the free usda nutritional database palm software. I play giutar so I use it torecord material that i'm working on with par pro. to read ebooks, listen to mp3s & internet radio, manage my schedule, keep a diary with my diary softtware, to read and send emai, store important information, online banking, pay bills online, manage bank accounts with splash money, play games, jot down notes with diddle bug, and to do so many other things. i'd be lost without my darling treo
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    I have a Treo for several reasons:

    1. GPS
    2. Keeping my life organized.
    3. Email for work.

    I mainley use it with GoodLink. My work mail is very important to me. Since I am on call 24/7 I need to make sure mail is always available. I do a lot of traveling and using TeleNav on my Treo is GREAT. Much cheaper that when renting a call and then renting their GPS units.
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    Could this thread possibly merge with this one? Please?
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    I use it for the following:

    1. Phone - TakePhone
    2. Email - ChatterEmail
    3. Contact Management - TakePhone
    4. Calendar - DateBK5
    5. Music player - PocketTunes
    6. I track my exercise routines - PDAbs
    7. Learning Spanish -
    8. Keep up to date with news using AvantGo
    9. Track my stocks - StockPro
    10. Remote control my TV/DVD/Audio - Novii Remote Classic
    11. Weather forecast - 4cast
    12. Playing scrabble and chess - PocketChess
    13. Will use it as a GPS in the wife's car - Garmin 10x
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    at&t iPhone3G
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    Quote Originally Posted by notjpr View Post
    I use mine mostly for reference material. You just can't carry a drug book along with a medical encyclopedia everyday to work and school. And these types of reference materials don't update themselves daily, but programs on my wx do. Treatments and drug info change constantly. And if there is needed info that hasent made it to Skyscape or Unbound Medicine I can always find it on one of the approved medical sites quickly with Pocket Internet Explorer....
    What medical apps would you recommend for the Treo 700wx?
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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch75 View Post
    What medical apps would you recommend for the Treo 700wx?
    I go with the big names like and because I can trust that they will ensure the software is compatible with what ever ROM updates are down the road. And they will pull together the needed info in a friendly layout. is nice but the freeware is a little buggy, doesn't run from the card and constantly spams you.

    My favorite medical links are
    And of course
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    Quote Originally Posted by fostermom View Post
    I was just wondering what do treo user use there treo mostly for....
    Besides using all the wonderful functions and apps of the Treo 650, I also use my Treo 650 Black Tie to update Thimbuktu Phlog at

    to "Walk Down Memory Lane"....please come "fingerwalk" with me
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