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    Does anyone know of any stores in NY that carry a lot of treo accessories? I'm looking specifically for an earphone adapter for the 650 and would like to visit a store rather than order online.

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    you should check out the mom and pop sprint store on 14 street on the corner of ave of americas close to union square. there are at least 3 other stores nearby to that one which should give you some haggling power, if that doesn't work some of the street vendors in the area sell the same quality cases you would get off of ebay. all in the same area.
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    If you mean the 3.5 to 2.5 adapter for the headset, radio shack sells this for about $2.99. Otherwise CompUsa has some stuff, staples has a limited selection and like the poster above mentioned the various cell phone stores may have a small selection of accessories such as cases and charger cables. Happy hunting.
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