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    I'm with sprint... My question is... should I stick with my 700p or should I switch over to 700wx. I've heard a lot of good things about WX and P has been pretty good for me lately.

    This phone isn't for business use or anything. I mainly use my phone for calls(obviously) and to go online. I enjoy using freeware although I will buy a program if it's good and I need it. Problem with P is that most of the palm freeware I find is like 3 or more years at least. Seems like there is not too much new freeware out there.

    So that's it, I would use my treo for browsing, calling, some freeware, definitely some games, and a good program to keep track of my weight lifting and diet. (Diet and Exercise Assistant for Palm seems good so far, anything like that for pocketpc?)

    So which one do you think would be better for me? WX or P?

    I've read many reviews and seen many videos but it doesn't help. Unfortunately I can't get a hands-on experience with the WX so I'd appreciate your input. Wow, this post is getting too long. Thanks in advance!!
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    Since there's very little difference in form factor, it does seem as if you're right to be thinking about the OS as a key factor, and that's one that will likely have some *very* fervent opinions on both sides of the argument. I would tend to agree with the idea that Palm OS seems a little adrift at the moment - not much happening by way of advancing / developing the existing OS, and much talk of a future Linux-based version. But right now, I'd say Windows Mobile is the one with far more momentum. And there are tons of great applications in just about every category under the sun - including diet and exercise tracking. Just as a starter in that area, here's the Handango Health & Fitness category page:

    Having said the above, I believe both the 700p and 700wx are superb devices - don;t think you can go far wrong with either. Good luck with your decision ...
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    First off, thanks for taking the time to reply. I've heard others say exactly what you're saying about the current status of PalmOS; it appears to be at a weird state in its life. I preferred POS because I always heard it was faster. The release of WX changed my opinion of that. I've seen several videos of people running several applications with absolutely no slowdown. From what I've seen of it it actually looks faster than P, but I may be wrong. Multitasking would be cool too.

    The program that I use for keeping track of exercise is actually MySportTraining. I really like it and they have it for PocketPC.

    Thanks again for the reply.

    [edit] Another thing... I remember a while back... might have been a few years ago when I was a wee lad. =) I remember hearing about a PalmOS emulator for PocketPC. Anyone know if there are any out there that are any good if they even exist. To be honest, one of the things I like about Palm are just little freeware applications. If I could get these to run on WX I'd probably switch. [/edit]
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    Glad if the reply helped a little. I'm sure others will argue strongly for Palm OS, and will probably have some good and valid points. I used (and thoroughly enjoyed) a Treo 650 for some time, and I certainly would not say POS is faster than WM - and even if it did have any slight speed edge, I think multi-tasking more than compensates for that.

    Cheers ...
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    Having done more research, I've found StyleTap. It runs PalmOS applications on PocketPC. It isn't perfect but it's something that's constantly being worked on. Now my only problem, the only thing that makes hesistate when I think about switching, is the WX's screen. It's only 240x240 so I worry if older PocketPc applications would be compatible with it. Not only that, but web browsing might be a bit cramped. From videos I've seen I can't tell much of a difference though.. Anyone else wanna chime in with their opinion?
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    I found that by itself, the screen on a 700wx is not so bad. It's only noticable when you compare it side-by-side with a 700p that you really notice the lower resolution. My buddy at work bought the 700w. I beamed him a photo (not taken with the Treo) and we both displayed the pic full screen. He was very dismayed to see the obvious difference in picture quallity. But aside from the comparison issue, which is not significant if you don't lay 2 Treos next to eachother, it comes down to software preference. Do you have a significant investment in apps for one system or the other? Do you have a preference for one system over the other? What about work? If it's for business and you use an Exchange Server that could swing your decision towards the wx.

    The good news is that both the p and wx have significantly more memory than previous models. From what most folks are saying it looks like this has greatly improved stability.
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    Has anyone used Skype on their WX? I've seen some threads but I havn't seen anything about people running it on evdo.. any info on that would be cool.

    Yea, I keep bugging everyone but I like having people's input.
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    I have used skype on the 700wx and it works great. I must say that I love it. I have had a lot expierience with ppc and little with palm. I have an opinion and its akin to ibm vs mac. The palm set the standard for funtion and form but wm5 has really caught up in a lot of things. POS is jittery cause of rumors of replacement OS but ppc users have been dealing with that for years. You keep mentioning freeware stuff. I am a fan of wm5 but I would be hard pressed to compete with what you can find out there for free on the POS. Good Luck!
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    I am not a fan of windows, but I cannot believe how much more I like my WX than my P. It reminds me of the days when I first switched to palm from the newton. A newer OS, a snappier OS, there are a million apps for it.

    I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and love it.

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