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    Hi there I am new to Treo, but I've used some Palm before like T and TC, I want to buy a GSM PDA/Smart phone that can do internet, email, calender and general PIM stuffs, and it must have bluetooth support so that my PC can connect to the internet via the phone. I've been using Nokia and Motorola for this purpose but they lack the alphabetic keyboard, it seems that Treo 650/7XX is the best choice for me outside the m$ regime, but the 7XX is not GSM or not running on Palm OS so the only choice for me is the 650, since it is old and I heard problem with the memory that may or may not be fixed with add on s/w, so, is it still worth to get one ?

    ED. I am using Linux mostly, the phone must be able to connect to Linux via bluetooth so the wireless modem can be used, Nokia and Motorola can do this out of the box.
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    I use a 650 from Cingular and it works great. I use many programs and still have memory. if you use an Ultra SD card, programs can be launched from it with little speed difference. Email works fine (I use snapper). The price of the 650 is really a great deal right now. I also use it to connect my Mac Powerbook to the internet over Bluetooth.

    I am not going to upgrade for a while. For one the new Treos with POS have the menu button at the end of the keybord which is ackward The only real benefits are faster internet, a little upgrade in memory and a better camera. The new phones, at this time, are not faster and the use a similar processor.

    I would get the 650 from Cingular.
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    My next Treo will probably be the 700wx, which means the 600 and the 700w will be missing in action. Ben
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    if you want the lastest for GSM, well that's a 650. If you can wait for a few more months, you may have more choices!
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    Thanks guys for the info., the main concern I've is the way the BT DUN works, since I mostly use Linux, I found both Nokia and Motorola phone can connect to Linux BT out of the box, but haven't try Treo before, I know it works with Mac but not sure about Linux, is there anyone out there has experience with this ? and is the ROM upgrade really fix the memory problem, any performance gain over the old ROM ?
    Btw, how come I did not receive the account activation email, also no notification of reply.

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