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    doesn't look like a GSM treo with POS on the horizon.

    but I need a new phone (the 650 is slowly but surely breaking apart due to heavy usage and some minor "accidents" ...).

    as the 750v looks tempting I'd appreciate some feedback of people who bite the bullet and changed to windows mobile.

    - ease of functionality?

    - what are you missing from POS?

    - what's definitively better with WM!

    - other comparisons?

    - ready to switch back to a POS treo?
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    I think this has been discussed.
    But I would like some more recent
    feedback also.
    Who is Glad they made the move?
    Just call me Berd.
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    I made the switch back in February to a Cingular 8125 running WM5. Here's my comments to your post:

    - ease of functionality?
    This is where people give up on WM5. I will admit it's not as intuitive as PalmOS. It takes time and most people don't give it the time. It took a solid 2 weeks of usage to get used to the OS. Some things are buried in menus and it takes 1 or 2 more clicks to get what you want but it isn't as exaggerated as PalmOS loyalists make it out to be. I feel there are more customizations in WM5 that make it more user-friendly if you take the time to learn it.

    - what are you missing from POS?
    At first I missed Chatter, but then I was introduced to the great functionality of an Exchange Server, I don't care about Chatter and IMAP push. Exchange solution is working great for me. One other nice program would be a program similar to KeyCaps. Could make typing a little quicker. Threaded SMS would be a plus in WM5, but it looks like that is included in the 750v.

    - what's definitively better with WM!
    Multitasking is great! Keep many programs open and you can pick up right where you left off at any time. Web browsing is MUCH better in PIE compared to Blazer. Built-in WiFi is used quite often on my handheld which wasn't an option on a Treo. I also like Pocket Excel and Word better than Docs2Go. I prefer the built-in PIM apps on WM5 over PalmOS and Beyond Contacts.

    - other comparisons?
    PalmOS felt snappier speed-wise. This is device specific though. I now overclock my 8125 so this isn't an issue at all. Apps seem to be pricier and not as abundant for WM5, however I have only purchased a few apps to give me the same functionality of several apps on PalmOS.

    - ready to switch back to a POS treo?
    No. I used PalmOS for many years, but it has reached it limits. Palm needs to give up on it and come out with something new. I would definitely try a new OS from Palm if it were available.

    One other comment, I have only taken a quick look at a WM5 Treo, so I don't know how much I'd like the 240x240 square screen. I really like web browsing and spreadsheet editing on my 240x320 landscape screen.
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    I'm considering a switch from Treo 650 to Qtek 8500 Smartphone primarily for razr like-like form factor. The treo really feels like a brick now. Can someone tell me what the email experience is like using WM5 on a phone like the Qtek 8500? I'm assuming that receiving Exchange email is dead easy. Of course with no keyboard, REPLYING to an email with that phone will be a challenge. Can you reply to an email like you would text message with a dumbphone? (ie on numeric keyboard?) I know that would suck, but I'm wondering if it would work in a pinch. I'm starting to think that maybe I would use the 8500 to read emails, and just call people if the reply was urgent.

    Any thoughts?
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    I switched to the Moto Q. There are a few programs I miss, but overall I am happy. The 750 has PPC and not the smartphone version which is even better.
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    I went from a 600 to a QTek 9100 and finally a PPC6700. The 600 was revolutionary, Palm's next efforts were lacking. Even though I do miss the one handed superiority I have no regrets.

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