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    Can someone give me a way to delete a truncated video on SD?
    I tried with Filez but it did not delete it.
    I'm having a error message after all HotSync.
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    bump bump
    Any help?
    I'm having a lot of auto resets this last 3 days...
    Deleting apps, trying to "clean it", nothing works until now...
    And I have this truncated video in my SD that I cannot delete it! I do not think it is the cause of my troubles but I would like to fix it now too.
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    how about sticking the card in your pc and try from there?
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    You probably want to backup the card; format it and copy the content back.
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    Thank you.
    I did it and I deleted it from card!
    BUT when I sync the message is still showing in the log ( my is in french, sorry!: La synchronisation du fichier de média "Video_090206_001.3g2" vers la carte est impossible. Code d'erreur : 10760.).

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