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    I need some advice / help.

    My Treo 650 CDMA has been "auto soft reset" many times in the last 3 days, even when I'm not using it...

    Log error always shows this message in the bottom

    Preferences.c, Line:263
    Pref DB Open Error

    In the upper log error changes between apps, saying error had occurred when running...
    or other app.

    Any help?

    ok, I found this tread.
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    There are two applications that do this, Resco Locker and Resco Backup. Resco Locker is the big guy on the block. Yesterday evening I disabled and moved Resco Locker to the card and made a couple of additional selections in Resco Backup's lock area to see if it made a difference.

    Without one of these applications, trouble is just around the corner. Resco Locker made a big difference for me, as did keeping an eye on the db cache.

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    Yes, thank you.
    I installed Resco Locker and now 3 hours without any reset!...

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