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    Ok, I really must have spoken too soon. T650 had yet another crash today:

    9/27/06-8:40am While running "Phone:" MemoryMgr.c, Line 2769, Chunk over-locked.

    Thats only 3 crashes this month:
    9/2, 9/21 and 9/27.

    Starting to catch up with the 700p now.

    Today's error occurred while moving from car to office (which happens daily with generally no side effect other than about a 2 second freeze), where there is a little "gap" in Sprint coverage. Sometimes the phone switches to roaming and this might have had something to do with it. THe most recent app to be open was the reminder, where I cleared out some alerts from the task application (a daily occurance at 8am).

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    Today while opening a Word attachment to an e-mail in Chatter i crashed each time i tried to open the file.

    Any thoughts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by njklutz View Post
    Today while opening a Word attachment to an e-mail in Chatter i crashed each time i tried to open the file.

    Any thoughts?
    Update your chatter to the latest and greatest. I am running the latest beta and opened a word document attached to an email in chatter today with no issues.
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    I gotta tell you guys something (and I hope no one is offended as I myself have a Treo).

    I find it completely laughable how you guys are THRILLED to be running your Palm for 1 week up to 3 weeks with no crashes. I just left my Blackberry to come to Treo, and one of the things that I knew I would be giving up was OS stability. I owned my Blackberry (the same one mind you) for over a year and never had one crash.

    My Treo was crashing ALL OF THE TIME at first, however now that I have pretty much everything I need loaded, it is pretty stable, but not as stable as I would like. I have read a lot of posts on different forums about Palm, and wondering if they (Palm) care about us, and I am having to wonder the same thing. Are they going to keep updating this OS to fix some of these issues? Do they have a history of making it more stable throughout the years? Or are they doing just like Microsoft was doing where they made a base OS, then installed stuff (Windows 95, which had bugs), then just building on top of the same stuff (Windows 98, ME, etc.) which was building on top of the same bugs...

    Like I said, I don't want to offend anyone, you are all a great bunch of people, I just wonder Palm is doing with all of this money.

    This post made me think about how gas was recently $3.00 /gallon and it is now down to $2.20 and people are THRILLED! IT IS STILL TOO HIGH!!! Don't settle!!!
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    Hey milkman, I for one am not the least bit offended. If Palm goes crazy and says they have no intention of making any firmware updates for the 700p, they'll lose me as a customer if their solution is to buy a 700wx as a fix for my 700p's problems. Also, it's a $650-$400 phone, it shouldn't require such careful memory management to avoid crashing, but that's just IMO. Anyway, I'm still hoping for the much wanted firmware to appear, I really think Palm will do the right thing eventually
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    When the Treo 600 first came out, no one thought it would do the things that many of us did with it. That meant bunches of different developers doing different things and when you have bunches of different developers doing different things, there will be problems. Tie that it to users such as myself that want this and do not want this, another layer of problems are added. Had we kept the devices stock, you can be very sure that the problems we experience would be significantly lower. The reason you do not see similar problems with other platforms is because those platforms do not open themselves up to development like the Treo series does.

    We watch TV, listen to radio stations, play games, write letters, use it as a phone, et cetera. It does so much more than anyone initially thought it would.

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    So I guess this is my question then:

    When the 600 and 650 first came out, were they this unstable, but then later patched which made them more like a rock?? If that is the case, I wouldn't mind the crashes either, I was just under the opinion from all of the posts in general (for different Treos) that the OS was buggy period.

    Thanks for setting a newbie straight!
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    Well, folks, there is something to be said about the Treo's hardware starting with the NVFS of the Treo 650...After originally bragging about how I got my T650 to go for 3 weeks without a crash, well, it is now resetting constantly with the dreaded "Chunk over-locked" error in line: 2679.

    This was accompanied by SD-Card programs disappearing from the App Launcher.

    I had this problem with my first 650 about a year ago. Got about 6 good months out of it before it died. And with the refurb replacement, I got about a year out of it before it died. Now, I'm gonna have to take it into a Sprint Store and pay $55 to have them swap it out for a new one, which is actually kinda lucky, because I don't have the $5 a month insurance on the 650. They wouldn't let me put the insurance on my account because it was not being offered at the time I purchased my 650 (Jan '05). They started offering the insurance in March or April of that year, I think...of course I wanted to get it, but....One of the disadvantages of being an early adopter, I guess.

    Nonetheless, I have never paid full price for any of my Treos. Always got them on sale or got Sprint to nearly give them to me. So I am not upset about paying the $55 ot get a new one (that actually costs me less than if I had the insurance, anyway).

    That said, there is a major problem somewhere in the Treo 650 line that has plagued hundreds (probably even thousands) of Treo users. And I'm certainly not talking about incompatible/buggy apps here. Just the Hardware (or Firmware/Hardware combo in some cases). Treo 650's are wearing out, and I suspect a manufacturing defect is the cause.

    Palm seems to be tight-lipped about it. As a Sprint customer, I am certainly happy with their level of support, but I can also say that they are tight-lipped about the problem as well. They always look to blame some 3rd party application as the root of all evil, but if you do a ZOR and the problem doesn't go away, AND replacing the unit does fix the problem, well....

    The reason I stick with PalmOS is threefold:
    1) The thousands of 3rd party apps
    2) The convenience of the phone
    3) The bluetooth capabilities (not just the wireless headset, but a slew of apps that allow me to remotely control programs on my PC and other things).

    ...Not to mention the $100's I've spent on 3rd party apps. Move to a 3rd party apps!....Move to a Windows Mobile....I'd have to buy all the new apps and then probably wouldn't find suitable replacement apps for some of the things I use.

    Ok, off my soapbox. Lunchtime is over for today...

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    Interesting remark about SnapperMail. I did a hard reset today and left the 650 "native naked" and had no problems until I loaded SnapperMail Ent.

    I use that and Agendus Premier extensively and am trying to identify which could be the culprit.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    If you had no problems until SnapperMail and if it is not too inconvenient, then a hard reset and uninstall SnapperMail and try it again. That is one starting point.

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    From PDA Street Forums -

    The info is about 4/5 down the page under "Memory API."

    The practical solution would be to check all your 3rd party apps to confirm compatability with OS5 and installing upgrades as needed. If that doesn't work, you may have to perform a hard reset and install the 3rd party apps one by one to discover which app is causing the problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    That link doesn't work for me...404 error.

    Snappermail - could have a point here.

    But I just took in my 650 to the Sprint Store - paid $55 plus tax and surrendered it to them, and they're going to send me a new (refurb'ed) one.

    If it's anything like the last, all I have to do is restore my backup from card and it will run normally without errors.

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    Dead devices: Palm Pro; Palm III; Treo 600, 650, 700p, 755p; Centro
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    I have a Treo 650 for the second time around. Didn't have it for almost a year, and now I remember why I wanted to pull my hair out again. THe WM5 devices, while buggy, still at least do not crash nearly as much as the treo does.
    I think it's comical and borderline insane to have to do all these kinds of gymnastics to use a treo without an inordinate number of crashes.

    That said, anyone want a Treo 650?
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    How and where do you put this in to get a report??

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Both my Treo 700p and 650 have not crashed in over a week!


    FYI - ##377# reveals:

    T650 - 9/2/06 at 5:18pm while running "Phone": Fatal exception
    700p - 9/3/06 at 1:41pm while running "Bluetooth": Fatal exception.

    And yes, I have been using them pretty heavily.
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    Oct 6 since the my last reset...
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