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    I have waited over 8 weeks as indicated for my gift card and haven't received it yet. I emailed them and they said to wait another few weeks. It shouldn't take 3 months to receive a gift card. This is rediculous. Has other people experienced the same issue? I received the amazon gift certificates in a week or so.
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    I had many probles with them. They sent me the certificate fairly quickly, but it had expired 6 months before I received it.

    It took threats of filing with the Attorney General for Mail & Internet Fraud before I got someone's attention.
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    You think that Palm wouldn't want to be associated with a group that has questionable business practices. Even though it's run through the eprize group, it's called Palm Pays Back. I'm not sure who is exactly responsible here, but with Palm in the name of the program, they have some responsibility. Palm - I'm sure you have seen a lot of different negative posts with this program. Can you fix it?
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    I guess I'm a lucky one.

    I requested my $25 Amazon gift cert on 10/2/2006. I got an email confirmation about my request almost right away. Then on 10/5/2006 I received the 'certificate' in email format (i.e. it comes with a gift redemption code that I can use online when I buy in

    BTW, I used the code right away and the code was valid. :-)

    Good luck!
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    there is a huge thread on this on the 700p forum ..where a bunch of us didn't get it and finally s search check it out

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