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    Greetings Treo-sters!!!

    Quick question.....

    I have treo 600s on my second and third lines...a 650 on the first. One of my 600s ( second line) is at the end of life. Battery wont hold a good charge....screen has a blemish on it ( bad pixel) and it reboots often ,erasing all info that was on it in the process. I have a protection plan on it. I'm going to take it into Sprint to get it "fixed". Since 600s are not around and 650 are dwendling, what will be my options? Remember, I have a protection plan on it, meaning that it has to be replaced.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Correct me if I am wrong, usually if they no longer have any 600's, they will replace them with the next model in the lineup 650's. I believe that's how it works. I am with Cingular so it may be different. I have used Lockline in the past and that's what they did.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Can somebody explain lockline?
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    Actually, I'm sure you'll probably get a replacement 600...otherwise you'll get a 650. If you're really lucky, they'll be out of both and you'll get 700, but that's not likely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoxWave View Post
    Can somebody explain lockline?
    Lockline is simply the company name which insures Sprint's phones (perhaps other services as well)
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    I replaced a 600 last week and got another 600. oh well.

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