Dear All

I am new here so pls be gentle!

1) My phone tells me that my default mail account Scheduled get failed.

I don't know what it means as i have two email accounts and that isn't one of them. I tried deleting both accounts, it wouldn't let me saying that versa mail needed one account.

I don't want to perform a hard reset my phone, but this bloody thing is proving very annoying.

2) I also for some reason can not sync my phone as i used to be able to. i had tried to sync it to my outlook so that i would be able to add on the numbers there, but that didn't really work. I now can not sync it at all, nor can I get the numbers that are on my outlook contacts.

3) i want to get the blackberry connectivity device downloaded on my phone. i have set up the sim card to have that, but am not sure where to go to start this process,

Can anyone guide me on this?


Jeremy Ross