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    I'd seen a direct link to Bambi's article on the new BB Pearl and thought "wow, this looks cool... but what about software?" Like Symbian, I fear the BB simply wouldn't be a useful for me since there isn't as much software available for it. I think, though, if I were considering a move away from PDA to just smartphone, then it'd be a cool option.
    You (and dang near all of us here) think like that and that is NOT the way the rest of the world wants to use software. Sure, install a game here and there, but by and large they want to take it out teh box and it just work. Fiddling with your tech makes the tech rule you, not you rule it (speaking on basis of perception, not a measurable fact)

    Palm's latest Treo designs look basically the same as the devices it rolled out nearly three years ago. In the meantime, rivals like RIM and Motorola have managed to win fans with products that have sleek new designs -- and are priced aggressively.
    This is more than anything the reason palm doesnt see growth. They havent moved in the area of design. Heck, they should have done the Pearl (minus the suretype) a year ago. It would have broke everything, but gave them something to hang their hats on while whatever new comes. Budget constraints be as they were, that would have been a well taken risk of a design.

    The other thing that will bite Palm quite hard is the Excabulur (sp?). It is essentially the Treo form factor, but not done for Palm. Palm should have seen it, and used it. Simply put, that would have allowed for Palm to compete with the Q (beat it really), and leave enough wind in the WM side of its camp for it to sell the classic form factor until something better could be designed. As it stands, the Ex sitting next to a Treo will outsell it on design and feel alone.

    What about the SLVR, Pebble, ROCKR, KRaZR etc. They have certainly gone on to provide a variety of form factors for the group that were not impressed by the Razr.
    If you are sitting on only one form factor you are just waiting for your device to fall out of fashion.
    Preach it man; unfortunately because of the iPod and RAZR, design trumps usability (arguable with the iPod because it does both). But not changing the Treo design doesnt speak of the class of the 80-early 90s MB, it speaks of not keeping up with the times.
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    ^^^ YES! you nailed it and i've been saying it.....bulky and weighty are a thing of the past when you can find so much smaller that does almost the same. and the most important thing you mentioned is that the "real world" (non-TC) simply needs a device that works out of the box, that too i've said all along. the more time one spends in the retail stores will almost go to prove that. i would bet that the great % of consumers either don't need 1/2 of what they buy or conversely speaking, don't know how to function 1/2 of it.

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    I didn't really like the article. It missed the point on a lot of the reasons why people buy treos - touch screen, easy keyboard too type on etc. The Blackberries with the slim form-factor haven't sold nearly as well because of the narrower keyboard.

    Also I dont know what the issue with battery life is. My 700w gets fantastc battery life, way more than any moto product I owned.

    And the thing about cluunky two-step navigation to type in a name and have it go straight to your contacts list - clearly she's never seen the name-entry box on the today screen, which does exactly that in a single step.

    Bottom line, I wouldn/t be basing my next smartphone purchase on the advice of someone who doesn't use a smartphone the way I do.

    Agreed on the looks though - palm could use a refresh on its form-factor to keep up with the likes of iPod and RAZR. Maybe an aluminum clad treo would look pretty cool.
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