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    I Walk with Treo in Hand.
    I water the yard with Treo in Hand.
    Eat Dinner with Treo in Hand.
    Sit on Pot with Treo in Hand.
    I had Better Stop There.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KStewart View Post
    Some people need to get a life?
    This from a guy who's posted 900+ times since March?

    Some people need to relax and lighten up,
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    I wear Dickies pants with the cell pockets. Cutting off the brand tag below the pocket totally eliminates the dork factor.

    I wish more clothing manufacturers would incorporate cell pockets. Seems like such an obvious need in 2006.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tunnelrunner View Post
    This from a guy who's posted 900+ times since March?

    Some people need to relax and lighten up,
    Yeah...and its not with talk about how much I love my treo and how I take it to bed with me. I post here and in other forums, just as I work, play, spend time with the fam, etc. My treo doesn't consume my life is all I am saying, not how many posts I have.
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    Guilty, here also. I used to have it on a clip, but my clip broke a couple of weeks ago
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    Not really. I don't trust my own hands since I have the metal case, which can be slippery. I put it in my vest pocket and it's been great. I also have other cases like a horizontal one that clips to my pants or the JAVOHolster. They all serve a different purpose.
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    My 650 (yes, I'm old school) is always on my hip unless it's in the cradle overnight where it's acting as my alarm clock (PalmaryClock). On my hip it's in a holster where it, or it's predecessors have been for a decade. When I'm driving I have a hard case hanging from an air vent which allows me to read email or GPS directions. I've fallen asleep with it many times I'm sorry to say my wife is jealous of all the attention it gets. I am a boomer geek.
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    Generally I keep it in my pants pocket or suit jacket. I only carry it in my hand when I'm wearing sweat pants or gym shorts (both my normal weekend wear) that have no pockets. At night it's on my nightstand as I use it for an alarm clock (TreoAlarm). I find the Treo to be too big when used with a case and worn on my belt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by supersocialist View Post
    Be careful with that! If the buttons compress too hard for too long (in my case, in a pocket; in yours, you might lay on it) you can damage the sproingy little bits of metal that give the keys their comfortable little click. My right shift was stuck on for a day and a half while Sprint gave me the run-around, made the phone unusable until I went in and fixed it myself.
    how did you fix it? that same thing has happened to my Q button. though it still works, it no longer makes that satisfying clicking sound
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    left pocket by itself in a sena case
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    car: cup holder
    to work: in shoulder bag
    at work: in cradle
    around town/walking: in pocket or in hand, but in hand means i'm always putting it down on something and i don't like that

    belt pouches/holster might be functional, but boy are they lame looking

    chalk up another post!
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    Puahaha. Nice topic. I have to do it -- the Treo feels too big in me pocket .
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    Quote Originally Posted by oalvarez View Post

    belt pouches/holster might be functional, but boy are they lame looking
    Wrong. I've seen a new hip-hop trend with a phone on the belt, plus the shirt pulled up over it for access to the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vw2002 View Post
    one thing I just have to say - people who walk around showing off their phones egregiously or wearing their headsets in places like the grocery store or video store look like total freaking dorks in my opinion. honestly. its the "look at me, aren't I important?" thing. that's so clownish!!!. I'm embarrassed FOR them, so I try to be discreet with my treo.
    Yeah, I'm one of those dorks. I have some hearing loss and can't always hear the phone when it alerts me to incoming calls so I wear the headset so that not only do I know I am getting a call, but I don't annoy others with having to listen to my choise of ringtones.

    And heck, my kilt and large goatee get enough attention, I don't need a phone for that. :-)
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    Seidio clip holster for me. One handed access to the phone in one second. And the phone is unencumbered by a case when I take it out of the holster.
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